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About Global Bank Group

GB Group, Inc
., an Exempted Company, incorporated in the Cayman Islands, (a.k.a. Global Bank Group, Inc., name pending, hereinafter “Global Bank Group” or the “Bank Group”)1 is the sponsor of Global Bank. Founded in 2014. The Global Bank Group is a private sector global development finance institution. Its mission is to support the economic and social development efforts of the less developed countries as they seek achievement of internationally agreed upon development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration, and to implement the recommendations of major United Nations conferences and summits. The goals lay out a blueprint for Bank Group, setting its priorities and measuring its results. The Bank Group’s strategic priorities are aligned to advance the G-7/G-8 and G-20 priorities.

Global Bank Group’s purpose is to work with developing countries so that they can achieve equitable and sustainable economic growth in their national economies and find effective solutions to pressing regional and global problems in economic development and environmental sustainability, all with a view to overcoming poverty and improving standards of living. It pursues this goal primarily by providing, through its subsidiaries, financing, risk management products, and other financial services, access to experts and a pool of knowledge in development-related disciplines, so that borrowing developing countries can pool, administer and prioritize resources they dedicate to development-related objectives.

Global Bank Group represents, develops and supports the collective interests of The Bank for International Development and Reconstruction (BIDR), known as the Global Bank, borrows in the international capital markets (“BIDR,” “Global Bank,” or “Bank”) and any and all of its business interests around the world. The Bank for International Development and Reconstruction is a full-fledged private sector global development bank, in formation, – the world’s second global development bank – positioned next to the World Bank and the preeminent regional development banks (MDBs).

The activities of The Global Bank for International Development and Reconstruction (“GBIDR” or the “Bank”) are complemented by five affiliated organizations, the Global Finance and Investment Corporation (GFIC), the Global Fund for International Development and Reconstruction (GFIDR), the Global Investment Guarantee Agency (GIGA), the GB Asset Management Company (GBAMC), and the Global Bank Institute (GBI). Each of these organizations is legally and financially independent from the Global Bank for International Development and Reconstruction, with separate assets and liabilities, and Global Bank for International Development and Reconstruction is not liable for their respective obligations. Transactions with these affiliated organizations are disclosed in the notes that follow.

To learn more about the Global Bank Disaster Risk Reduction and Reconstruction Fund, what we do and How we do and Management and Organisation, visit the About DRRRF and the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the DRRRF Website Section.

For information about the Global Bank, please visit http://www.global-bank.org

1Global Bank is in formation with legal and regulatory rights, including formal approval to utilize the term “Bank” pending.


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